Contractor on Deployment Operations (CONDO)

SOTA Training provides Contractor on Deployment Operations (CONDO) courses for those needing to up-skill prior to an operational deployment.  Bespoke Courses (2 or 3 Day) are structured to meet the current MOD requirements as defined by DEFSTAN 05-129 (Defence Standards Procedures & Requirements) and DEFCON 697 (Contractors on Deployed Operations).

Contractor on Deployment Operations (CONDO) training will enable the trained delegate to deploy worldwide with confidence and in the knowledge that any situation will be faced with the assurance of up to date awareness and preparedness.  Using a combination of risk assessment strategies and focused training, our CONDO courses prepare potential civilian contractors for overseas deployments in direct support of the UK military.  SOTA’s CONDO bespoke training will ensure that every delegate receives the ideal preparation prior to commencing working and living in a foreign or complex environment.

The Contractor on Deployment Operations (CONDO) Course is delivered in our Training Academy on the outskirts of Derby (DE24 8GJ).  Our Contractor on Deployment Operations (CONDO) Instructors have extensive military backgrounds including recent in-theatre experience from Iraq, Afghanistan and the African Continent.

 Topics of Contractor on Deployment Operations (CONDO) Syllabus covered include modules: 

  1. CONDO Organisation and Responsibilities
  2. Operations Brief (Unclassified)
  3. Medical
  4. Basic Safety and Security Procedures
  5. Life Support
  6. Threat Awareness
  7. Administration, Welfare and Discipline
  8. Use of MOD Provided Transportation
  9. Understanding (MOU) and Geneva Conventions Issues
  10. Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) 

Additional Contractor on Deployment Operations (CONDO) topics may be added (as for details) to fulfil individual or contractor requirements.

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Call us on:

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Refresher Contractor on Deployment Operations (CONDO) Training

  • CONDO Certificates are valid for 1 Year.
  • Abbreviated and affordable annual refresher CONDO training is available as required by DEFSTAN 05-129 to keep you in currancy.

On successful completion of the Contractor on Deployment Operations (CONDO) Course each delegate will be provided with a Certificate of Completion as proof of attendance as a precursor to CONDO Registration.

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State of The Art Training (SOTA) combines theory with an exciting practical interactive experience and a delivery style that enables delegates to take an active part in their learning experience. Real group exercises in safe, controlled, realistic training environments are used to make the courses fun, challenging and enjoyable. We try very hard to ensure any presentations are kept interesting and pertinent to the delegates’ needs. We aim to provide individuals and company groups with a ‘one stop shop solution’ by combining courses to maximise the learning experience and ensures time spent with us is cost effective. At State of The Art Training we try where possible to use real examples from the delegates’ own working environments to ensure they can relate to the information provided. Course content is continually updated by our trainers, using delegates’ experiences gained from real life scenarios enabling us to keep the training courses fresh, vibrant and representative of best practice throughout industry.