Module 4

Basic Safety & Security Procedures

Physical Protection

  • No weapons to be carried by contractor’s personnel
  • Military responsible for overall contractor security (Force Protection measures provided by the military and alternative measures) as detailed in Def Stan 05-129
  • Contractor’s personnel have personal responsibility to remain alert and advise military of any unusual incidents
  • Note that the deployed operational commander may impose certain restrictions for the safety of the individual and of the Force in general
  • Understand that the contractor’s personnel will generally be constrained by these restrictions and that breach may result in disciplinary action being taken either by the contractor or by the military commander, and that this may also have an impact on the contractor’s ability to seek relief of performance
  • Understand that where a specific ‘chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear’ (CBRN) threat exists that contractor’s personnel will be provided with full information on the procedures involved, recommended immunisation including the benefits, risks and possible side effects
  • Understand any theatre specific protection measures and immediate action drills

Security States (meanings & actions to be taken)

  • The states as defined by the MOD, e.g. High, Medium or Low 
  • The Actions to be taken

CONDO Personnel Security

  • Understand that specific security checks may need to be carried out on all CONDO Personnel
  • Security clearance will normally be to BPSS and CTC. However, depending on the contracted role, there maybe certain CONDO Personnel that require a higher level of security clearance

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Health & Safety & Environmental Considerations

  • MOD perspective of Health and Safety (H&S) on operations / exercises
  • Applicability of UK legislation 

Safe Driving

  • Security on the move