Module 1

CONDO Organisation and Responsibilities

  • CONDO philosophy and background describe

Module 2

Operations Brief (UNCLASSIFIED)

  • Current operation ‘oversight’ brief (as available within unclassified caveat) including:

Political situation

Local customs/sensitivities – cultural awareness

  • Overview of scope and scale of CONDO on current operation
  • Routine operations and procedures which require participation by CONDO

Module 3

Medical Emergencies

  • Management of an incident and procedures in the event of an accident, injury, death
  • Emergency medical support from military sources
  • Awareness of environmental medical risks and preventative measures
  • Medical support offered by MOD which may include primary health care and emergency dental care
  • Requirement for own or company personal insurance
  • Responsibility for Casualty Evacuation arrangements falls to employer as required in DEFCON 697
  • Basic level of First aid skills
  • Repatriation and compassionate evacuation

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Personal Stress Management

  • Understand the nature and sources of stress
  • Symptoms, recognition of stress and personal stress management
  • Understand the available sources of counselling during deployment
  • Understand that the responsibility for post-deployment stress management rests with the employers who may wish to consider a post deployment briefing
  • Understand the need to be mentally prepared
  • Recognise the limitations of primary health facilities available during deployment
  • Recognise the need for post deployment mental health evaluation