Module 5

Life Support

  • Feeding and access to messing facilities. Including the general and theatre specific policy for feeding on operations
  • Accommodation and Other Support. General and theatre specific policy for accommodation and other support (Communications, telephone, mail, recreation, chaplaincy etc)

Personal Hygiene

  • General concept 
  • Theatre specific weather and related personal requirements
  • Theatre specific personal requirements Personal kit
  • Medical ‘supplies’ 
  • Toiletries etc. 
  • Health maintenance Laundry

Personal Equipment which will be required

  • Understand the process of how personal protective equipment will be provided
  • Advice on Theatre specific clothing
  • Restrictions of military equipment not to be worn 

Living & Working with MOD on Deployed Operations

  • Understand the need to work with and along side service personnel on deployed operations

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Module 6

Threat Awareness

  • General threat assessment and risk management. Understand that in an OA, the threat is such that it cannot be fully negated and must be managed to reduce the risks. Some risks are inherent in operating and living in an operational theatre

Mines, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), Ordnance and Weapons

  • Threat awareness in a vehicle and on foot
  • Reporting protocols
  • Avoidance
  • Safe extraction
  • The threat of abduction, hostage taking or kidnapping

Actions to be taken by contractors’ personnel to reduce the risk of capture or taken hostage

  • Situation awareness – general principles 
  • Action under fire 
  • Travel pattern analysis 
  • Surveillance detection

Conduct after capture or hostage

  • Actions to keep alive
  • Adjusting to captivity 
  • Survival skills