Module 7

Administration, Welfare & Discipline

Administration and Welfare in accordance with Def Stan 05-129

  • Personal responsibility for medical and dental fitness and awareness of the limited medical facilities available
  • Requirement to provide personal information data sheet which will be retained for a period (currently yet to be determined). This protects both the MOD and the contractor’s personnel. Data Protection Act applies
  • Personal responsibilities in the event of contact with the media, especially the need to refer to the official PR staffs


  • The impact of the AFA 06 on CONDO Personnel. Understand that under specific circumstances contractor’s personnel are subject to certain aspects of service law when deployed and, as such, may be disciplined by the service authorities. Note that the Contractor will remain primarily responsible for disciplining their personnel
  • Understand that contractor’s personnel cannot be forced to remain deployed against their will. However, operational needs will determine the availability and prioritisation of military transport therefore the operational situation may preclude the extraction of personnel on the basis of risk
  • The requirement to comply with local commanders’ orders.
  • Understand the system of investigation and possible punishments

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 Module 8

Use of MOD provided transportation