Module 9

Understanding (MOU) and Geneva Conventions Issues

  • Legal status of contractor’s personnel under international law, 9a1 The current legal status of the contractor for the specific operation and deployment with reference to SOFA / MOU/TAs.
  • Specific impact of the MSL and on active/non active service
  • Understand applicable Geneva Conventions and protocols and rights afforded and the requirement for contractor’s personnel not to compromise their status by eg. being in a position where he or she may be considered armed
  • Air Travel within the OA (Rotary and Fixed Wing). The general safety principles of travelling on a rotary and fixed wing aircraft Contractors should receive a pre-flight briefing immediately prior to boarding a military aeroplane or helicopter within the OA. If a contractor does not receive a pre-flight brief, he or she should request a brief from the responsible military person.

Module 10

Chemical Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN)

  • Understand the process of how CBRN equipment and associated training will be provided if required
  • Understand the military commander’s authority to demand the wearing and use of CBRN equipment in an operational theatre
  • Describe personal measures to be taken to reduce the effects of Biological attack. 
10b1i Explain how immunisation and personal hygiene will provide protection against Biological agents
  • State the actions to be taken in response to chemical warning signs and alarms

  • Wear appropriate CBRN protective clothing and equipment
  • Carry out personal decontamination following a liquid agent attack on exposed personnel and equipment.

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